Luke Mei / Eastern MS ⮞ Blair HS (2020)

Math:    48
Reading:     54
Reasoning:    49
Writing:    3
    The day I received my letter from Takoma Park Middle School was one of the days I truly and genuinely felt raw rejection. At first it hadn’t hit me as hard, but I soon realized that it was serious and I couldn’t take anything else easily and for granted. That “failure” humbled me and gave me the motivation to lead me to my eventual success.

Lydia Wong / Hallie Wells MS ⮞Poolesville HS

Math:    50/52
Reading:     49/64
Reasoning:    54/60
Writing:    4/6

    This high school magnet preparation class has been a truly beneficial and unforgettable experience. Every single class that I attended taught me so much about not only the skills needed for taking the test but also many advantages of going to a magnet school. All of the skills I learned would be used many times in the future and I would never forget them.