Membership Services

Members enjoy all the special rates!

This membership is permenent for a family. The credit balance in the account will never expire.

You will have to fill the form below either

  • to become a new member, or
  • to add more credit for a current member.

Credit under your membership can be used freely in any services/products provided by M&E Academy.

  • After-school Program
  • Summer Camp
  • Fall GT Prep
  • SAT1, SAT2 Prep
  • Any Online Programs
  • Workbooks

Pay $10 to select the desired credit limit and send the amount with a check or PayPal as below:

Payment with Checks

Payment with PayPal

You may redeem (or spend) your credit once the payment is received.

The previleges of membership

  • entitlement for special rates
  • switching programs without surcharge
  • bonus for successful referral
  • awards for scholastic achievements (like admissions into GT ES/MS/HS programs, SAT break-throughs)

To check your credit balance, you just need to login to your account, then click Credit Balance for self-checking.

Payment to be fulfilled within 3 days using check or PayPal