JosiahM/Wootton HS/Aug23/1520

At Dr. Li's SAT camp, I recently achieved a 1500+ on the SAT, and I'm happy with my performance. The credit goes to the dedicated instructors at Dr. Li's camp who provided valuable guidance. I'm grateful for the help I received, and I'm excited about the doors this achievement has opened for my academic journey. My sense of accomplishment speaks to the effectiveness of Dr. Li's SAT camp in helping students like me reach their goals.

NiaG/Sidwell Friends/Aug23/1550

I’m a 9th grader and this was my first experience with SAT prep. The prep at Dr. Li’s was very helpful, teaching me strategies to identify the correct answer and time management skills. The practice tests were invaluable in determining what I needed to work on and how to achieve my goal score in the time I had.


Dr.Li’s Math and English academy has helped me through the SAT. The various packets and activities we took part in with the highly qualified professors allowed me to improve 100+ points on my SAT to a 1500+ SAT score over 4 weeks. Dr.Li taught me extremely useful ways to save time on the Math sections while being more accurate. The classes from the other professors on Reading and Writing also allowed me to go from average in the reading and writing section to well above average.


Coming into the Math and English Academy, I found myself feeling woefully underprepared for the upcoming SAT exam. Despite attempting a few practice tests prior, I was dissatisfied with my performance each time. Consequently, I recognized that the two-week intensive test preparation program offered by the academy was my final opportunity to enhance my reading and math skills before facing the real test. Let me emphasize that the instruction I received at the academy had an immense impact on my success.


Hello Dr. Li,
I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools to score well on the SAT.
I attended M&E Academy's SAT program two weeks before the SAT. A part of the exam I struggled with in the past was the Reading section, and I felt the advice from Mr. Ravi and Dr. Thomson in the program was instrumental in helping me perform well. Having so many example passages to practice with was very helpful.


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Li. Before taking this course, I practiced with online tools and classes but saw only small improvements. These classes allow students to prepare academically and mentally for the SAT marathon. The teachers know their subjects well and have varying teaching styles for learners. Practice quizzes and tests are administered to keep students on track, and content stays consistent with the SAT curriculum. Dr. Li and his team have years of experience working with students and strive for perfection.

JuliaZ/River Hill/Aug23/1440 (Improve 200+)

I am an 11th grader who attended this academy for 3 weeks. I enjoyed attending this academy very much, since my teachers were all excellent at teaching, had a high level of experience in the subjects they taught, and answered every question I had. Before I attended this academy, I thought my English and math skills were adequate, until I was given challenging math questions and taught new vocabulary and grammar rules. With the help of this academy, I was able to improve my SAT score by 200, and I'm very thankful for that.


When I came into Dr. Li's for the first time I remember not having any hope for better SAT scores. I had already taken one course online and done 2-3 textbooks, and on top of that, taken every practice test available online. I was getting the same scores everytime-- high 1400s. And while that's a perfectly acceptable score, and for some even a great one, the academic environment at my school was a lot more competitive.