EH/River Hill/1590/Dec 21

On Sat, Dec 18, 2021 at 3:55 PM wrote:
Hello Dr. Li,
Great news! Eddie got 800 in maths for December SAT. He got 770 from August SAT. It seems the 2 months math class from you really helped him achieve his goal. His brother Andrew also got 800 in SAT math four years ago after taking SAT class from you. 
Thanks very much and have a wonderful holiday!

1580/Mar 19'/AL/Northwest HS

At the start of this SAT journey over two years ago, I over confidently assumed that the preparation would be rather straightforward and painless. I had always done well in my math and English classes at school, so I thought the SAT should a safe extension of my confidence. However, my first practice test with a score in the 1100’s suggested otherwise. I began to realize my proud GPA may not imply my SAT success, and I was desperate in need of help. Through the recommendation of a few peers, I decided to sign up for Dr. Li's Summer SAT prep course.