Coming into the Math and English Academy, I found myself feeling woefully underprepared for the upcoming SAT exam. Despite attempting a few practice tests prior, I was dissatisfied with my performance each time. Consequently, I recognized that the two-week intensive test preparation program offered by the academy was my final opportunity to enhance my reading and math skills before facing the real test. Let me emphasize that the instruction I received at the academy had an immense impact on my success.

Instructors such as Dr. Li, Dr. Thomson, and Mr. Ravi not only imparted essential knowledge but also made learning an enjoyable experience. Dr. Li's teaching style, in particular, kept me engrossed throughout his math class. His methods not only kept me on the edge of my seat but also honed my math skills to a level I had never imagined possible.

Overall, the Math and English Academy, along with Dr. Li's guidance, played an instrumental role in helping me surpass my target SAT score by a significant margin. I am genuinely grateful to them for this achievement.