Membership Application

Members enjoy all the special rates!

This membership is permenent for a family. The credit balance in the account will never expire.

You will have to fill the form below either

  • to become a new member, or
  • to replenish the credit for a current member.

Credit under your membership can be used freely in any services/products provided by M&E Academy.

  • After-school Program
  • Summer Camp
  • Fall GT Prep
  • SAT1, SAT2 Prep
  • Any Online Programs
  • Workbooks

Pay $10 to select the desired credit limit and mail the check to:

M & E Academy
P. O. Box 10893
Rockville, MD 20849

Your mememship will be activated once the payment is received.
Accommodation can be requested for earlier activation before the check's arrival.

The previleges of membership

  • entitlement for special rates
  • bonus for successful referral
  • double-award for scholastic achievements (like admissions into GT ES/MS/HS programs, SAT break-throughs)

To check your credit balance, you just need to login to your account, then click Credit Balance for self-checking.