Lydia Wong / Hallie Wells MS ⮞Poolesville HS

Math:    50/52
Reading:     49/64
Reasoning:    54/60
Writing:    4/6

    This high school magnet preparation class has been a truly beneficial and unforgettable experience. Every single class that I attended taught me so much about not only the skills needed for taking the test but also many advantages of going to a magnet school. All of the skills I learned would be used many times in the future and I would never forget them.

When my mom first told me that she signed me up for Dr. Li, I was not very happy. I had almost no interest in getting into a magnet school at that time, and I thought that it would just be a waste of time and money. But when I went to my first class, I realized that the teachers were very caring and they made sure that every student would understand the concepts that they were teaching. If someone didn’t get it, they would go over it again until the student understood it. They also noticed when you did better on practice tests and would congratulate you when you did better.

The night before the test, I felt completely calm and ready. I had studied countless hours and I knew that those hours would not go to waste. Finally, the day of the test came. I sat in my seat, waited for my proctor to say the rules and instructions, and then started my essay. I remembered the tips that I learned in the weeks of Dr. Li, and I made sure to incorporate them into my writing. I remember a specific time during the test when I was done with the math section and I looked around at other students but they were just looking at each other in confusion because they didn’t know how to solve the problems. I was so glad that I understood how to solve the problems efficiently and if I hadn’t known how to, I would’ve been just another student looking around the room during the test.

I was very nervous for the results to come out. One of my friends who didn’t study very hard for the test just texted me that she didn’t get accepted into anything and I was scared that would be the same situation for me. When I finally decided to open my letter, I saw that I had been invited into multiple programs. I was so happy and both of my parents were so proud of me. If I hadn’t had this opportunity to go to Dr. Li, I wouldn’t have been accepted into magnet programs and wouldn’t have had the chance to challenge myself in school.