Aparna Ganesh / Parkland MS ⮞ RM/IB (2020)

Math:    47
Reading:     54
Reasoning:    40
Writing:    5

My Dr. Li Experience

My goal was always to go to a high performing school that I would be challenged in. To test my limits and show that I can be on top. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best experiences with magnet tests in the past, so I had lost a lot of my confidence in my abilities. I knew that I had potential to be a top performing student so I was looking to improve myself for the upcoming high school Magnet exams. Before Dr. Li, I felt uneasy about the Cogat test. I had never done a test like it before and the concept was new to me. My dream was to go to Richard Montgomery’s IB program but it initially seemed to be a herculean task. I did not have much exposure to Cogat and writing essays so I sought a way to improve myself. Soon, my family found Dr. Li.

The classes I took in that following month seemed overwhelming at times, but as I went to more and more classes I started to change academically. I was earning higher scores on the practice exams and gradually felt more confident that I was ready to take on the test. As I clicked through the questions of the magnet exam, the questions all seemed familiar to me. Dr. Li had given the same format of questions, so when I walked into the test I was greeted by confidence and ease, rather than shock and panic. Through this rigorous course, I have not only been accepted to my dream high school, Richard Montgomery, but also been able to excel in my studies at school as well.

My teachers noted a significant difference in my writing after I went to Dr. Li. Not only in my English classes, but my math classes as well. I was spending a great deal of time solving certain math problems, but with Dr. Li’s math class I can solve them at a faster pace. This experience benefited me not only by achieving my goals for high school but also improved my academic skills, which will enable me to handle the rigorous course I am excited to greet in the near future. Thank you, Dr. Li.
-Aparna Ganesh