Tracy Lee / Gaithersburg MS ⮞ Poolesville HS (2020)

Math:    48
Reading:     54
Reasoning:    47
Writing:    5
Everyone experiences success in their lives, and most of the time it’s due to hard work and good preparation rather than luck. I recently received my results for the magnet high school test, and I was invited to all the programs I applied to. I attribute my success to three years of hard work, my family, and attending Dr. Li’s test preparation classes.

After failing to get accepted to the middle school magnet program, I spent my three years at middle school studying very hard. Since I was greatly disappointed about my middle school magnet test results, I vowed never to experience such a failure again. Although it was hard to accept at the beginning, I realized that I had been overconfident about my academic abilities. If I wanted to attain my academic goals, I had to put in extra effort, so I practiced writing essays, memorized vocabulary, and read a myriad of classical books. I even spent many days during my summer breaks at the library, which is something I had never imagined myself doing before.

My family was a huge factor in my success. They constantly supported me in every way they could. They comforted me when I despaired and boosted my self-esteem when I was discouraged. Their optimism and confidence in me was very encouraging and motivated me to work towards my goal.

In my final year of preparation, I enrolled in Dr. Li’s classes to familiarize myself with CoGAT and the magnet test format. This really put the final touch to all the effort I put into studying for the high school magnet test. Thanks to the preparation, I found myself fairly at ease during the actual test.

I achieved my goal of entering the high school of my choice thanks to my hard work, the support of my family, and classes at Dr. Li. It may sound cliche, but I have become truly confident that I can succeed in anything I want to do if I work hard enough.