Daniel Suh / RCMS ⮞ RMHS (2020)

Math:     48
Reading:     52
Reasoning:     50
Writing:     4

I hope this helps you prepare for the Magnet school. In elementary school, I got rejected at the elementary Magnet school because I was not prepared to take the test. I was absolutely defeated to know that ALL MY PEERS WOULD BE GOING TO a MAGNET ELEMENTARY School and I Wouldn’t be.  My friends who attend the GT school recommended me to attend Dr. Li class. It was not easy to adapt to the fast learning pace and the competitive class atmosphere. Through the enthusiasm and passion of the teachers and other students who attended the class, I have a strong motivation.  In quantitative reasoning, I have learned the pattern of the questions and how to approach the core of the question. It turns out to save time in a real test. Overall, I have an invitation from all magnet programs from Richard Montgomery and Poolesville High School. Thanks to Dr. Li for your educational passion and effort