AVYUKTH SELVADURAI / Hallie Wells MS ⮞ Poolesville HS (2020)

Math:    52/52
Reading:     49/60
Reasoning:    50/64
Writing:    5/6

At first, I viewed this class as a waste of time, energy and my Saturday.  Three hours was a long time especially since I usually woke up at 11. Although I might not have appreciated it while attending, I realize now, just how important these 9 classes and the mock tests have been. The happiness I felt when getting the acceptance letter to all three of the Poolesville programs that I applied to has made me realize how much the classes helped. I now realize how important practicing and getting help from someone experienced in math and English was.
Dr.Li helped me with both math and English skills, but I unquestionably took away more from the English lessons. Personally, compared to math, I knew I needed to improve my English skills more. One week into the class, I got a twelve out of 20 on my, first writing assignment, and recognized that my essays may have been acceptable for school standards, but not for Mr. Li’s,  Mr. Li taught us a useful format of writing an essay. He also pushed us to read really interesting books like Of Mice And Men and Animal Farm. Though the writing prompt on the exam did not ask to cite a book the format still helped. I still am not the best at writing and truthfully, I think the only reason I got into Humanities was because of the writing format. Apart from the writing, the Hot Vocab packets were insanely helpful. I’ve learned so many new words and I can proudly say that I know more “big” words than my older sister who is at college.

Even though I got more help for English, I still learned a lot from the Math packets and sessions. Dr.Li gave us many helpful tricks and that got me through the test faster. Without these tricks, there would have been no way I could have finished the math quickly and accurately.

Going to “Dr. Li’s class”, as me and my friends called it, was a helpful experience that got me through the  Magnet test and thankfully helped me pass. Overall, the classes itself helped me with math and English skills and the mock tests simulated the testing environment and forced me to sit still for a few hours. Through the class, I got a view of how the real exam would be and helped me feel prepared for the test day. Altogether this class was way better than I thought it would be and I am really grateful for my friends in class that helped me with questions and most importantly my teachers for helping me become even just a little better at math and English.