Vismaya Gangadharan / Roberto Clemente MS ⮞ RM/IB

Math:    51
Reading:     53
Reasoning:    43
Writing:    5
For a very long time, I have wanted to be a part of a magnet high school, so when the summer before 8th grade came, I started to prepare. I wanted to be accepted and I wanted to do the best I could to achieve this goal. I studied properly, finding problems to work on in order to prepare me. I was serious about achieving this, so I worked hard and worked diligently. I eventually joined Dr. Li’s program because I thought it would aid me in my quest. I had practiced before, but no other material had given me this kind of exposure to what was going to be on the actual magnet test. I had practiced CogAt before and I knew what kind of problems to expect, and Dr. Li’s material gave me challenging problems as well problems to test my background knowledge. Using this material had helped me test my knowledge and prepare me for the test. I could pinpoint the areas I needed to focus more on, and those that I was doing well in. As the date of the test neared I felt ready to take it, since I knew that I was working as hard as I could to accomplish this goal. I was anxious but I told myself that I would do fine, since I had been working so much towards this. As I took the test I kept myself calm and recalled on all the problems I had completed before. In the next few weeks I assured myself that no matter what the results were, I had worked hard and I should be proud of myself. On the day the results came I was incredibly nervous, but when I opened the letters I found that I had gotten accepted. I was overjoyed that my hard work had paid off and I was proud of what I had accomplished. Even if I had not gotten accepted, I would still be proud of myself, because I put months of work into this and I had definitely increased my intellectual capabilities. Overall, my story is one of success and pride.