Seminar by Mr. Snyder - A Veteran from Naval Academy

1. How to apply and with whom:

  • A. Brief explanation of why service academies are desirable
  • B. Important Event: Thursday's decision by SCOTUS overturning affirmative action (Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard College)
  • C. All degrees from Service Academies are engineering degrees. Only (BS)Bachelors of Science Degrees (example: nuclear reactor at USNA) there are no liberal arts degrees.
  • D. Listing and Description of the 5 Service Academies, locations and differences in admission standards

2. Chances/Probabilities of admission


Full AP Prep for Calculus

A comprehensive prep is provided for the mindful students aiming at an 'A' for GPA and a '5' for AP exam on (5/8).

In the first 5 weeks, we will revisit the most important topics plus the questions from the students.

Exam Review 1

Exam Review 2

Needed for assignments


Location: 10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850 (carpool info conviently available along with the test notice)

Four sections in 3 hours, but without the essay component:

  • math part in 80 min
  • English part in 100 min

Students must bring

  • 3 pencils
  • one eraser
  • a calculator

Results will be available on the first day of the camp.


AP Language - Preview

Instructor: Dr. Thomson

Materials included

4:00 - 5:30 pm

  • AP Reading    
  • AP Vocab/Grammar
  • AP Composition

Saturday  4:00-5:30 pm (Onsite/Online)

  1. 6/24
  2. 7/1
  3. 7/8
  4. 7/15
  5. 7/22
  6. 7/29
  7. 8/5
  8. 8/12
Needed for assignments

Sign-up for Summer Pre-test (Gr3-G12)

Sign-up is needed to receive the test.

No need to sign up again if you have taken the (same) test on 5/30 (Memorial weekend).

Subjects: Math and English

Time:  G3 - G8:  English: 1 hr and Math: 1 hr  (No calculator)

Time: G9 - G12: English 1.5 hr and Math 1.5 hr (Calculator needed)

Date: 6/11 (Saturday)

Location: 10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850

1 Start 2 Complete

After-School Answer Key

Needed for assignments

SAT Intensive: 4-Weekend - Onsite/Online Available

A perfect plan for the students with busy weekday activities.

We are here to help you to prove your competence.

Math: Dr. Li  (1 hr)

English: Dr. Thomson (2 hrs)

SAT Fame
College Fame

Needed for assignments