Seminar by Mr. Snyder - A Veteran from Naval Academy

1. How to apply and with whom:

  • A. Brief explanation of why service academies are desirable
  • B. Important Event: Thursday's decision by SCOTUS overturning affirmative action (Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard College)
  • C. All degrees from Service Academies are engineering degrees. Only (BS)Bachelors of Science Degrees (example: nuclear reactor at USNA) there are no liberal arts degrees.
  • D. Listing and Description of the 5 Service Academies, locations and differences in admission standards

2. Chances/Probabilities of admission

  • A. Rules governing Congressional nominations/ appointments (3 roles of the dice)
  • B. Differences between appointments and nominations
  • C. Methodologies of selection (varies by Congressional office)

3. List of things to do NOW in High School to GREATLY improve chances of selection

  • A. Academics (esp. SAT)
  • B. Lettering/Sports
  • C Extra curricular activities
  • D. Student government/leadership
  • E. Community Involvement
  • F. Other plusses: special expertise, LORs
  • G. Summary of skills/characteristics of who is desirable: the well-rounded, complete person

4. Creative strategies that will definitely improve your chances of admission

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