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This special opportunity applies to the GT After-school (Online).

You should be more interested if

  • you have child(ren) still under 13 yrs old
  • you are looking for high quality after-school academic programs
  • you appreciate supplemental incomes

Once registered, you will receive a center ID, and a training/tutorial for using the Moodle (a user-friendly course management system).

Needed for assignments/quizzes
Annual fee

PSAT Workbooks


SAT Workbooks

The most comprehensive materials for AT prep.


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This membership is permenent for a family. The credit balance in the account will never expire.

Payment for the above credit to be fulfilled within 3 days using check or PayPal

Ivy Leaf Programs

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We are now accepting enrollment for the new term, which only covers the following subjects:


Pre-test Online (Gr3-G12)

Test Scope: Math and English, online test only.

Objective: To assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child(ren). 

Math: 1 hr
English: 1 hr

This test was free if you signed up this link before 6/10.
However, you will still get discount if you have signed up the summer camp.

Note: There will be more free tests once your child is starting here.