Ivy Leaf, Fall 2018

Per-class enrollment is limited to only 2-5 students.

4 terms are offered during school year.

  • Each student will be designated with an advisor, who is within constant reach by email or meeting.
  • Each student with parents will have a performance review with the advisor at the end of each term.
  • All materials/handouts are inclulded.
  • Books and supplies are not included.

Literature reading list resource links:

We are now accepting 1st term enrollment. To join our open house events, click here.

Key subject areas:

  • College interviews with success
  • Shiny college essay with unspeakable appeal
  • English/language/knowledge
  • Math/natural and innovative ways of solving
  • Communication/speaking (dress code required)
  • Leadership/entrepreneurship (dress code required)

Great saving for registration with small credit card amount and using check payment for tuition.

Another method for huge saving will be ivy-by-hour. If you have a child in Dr. Li's program within a year, then you are eligible for the purchase of credit hours, per family for our ivy leaf program within 2 years. Please contact Dr. Li for approval. Ivy-by-hour will enjoy great privileges in applying the credit hours to any subjects.
$1250 for 25 hours
$2250 for 50 hours

Mailing address: M&E Academy, P. O. Box 10893, Rockville, MD 20849