What/Why about Ivy Leaf?

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More than abundant engineers already out there, but we need more leaders in the near future. Perhaps, we have been over enthralled by testing only. Does this story send you some message? None of the parents came from China. 

Your wish decides the fish.
Your attitude decides the altitude.

Good English cannot be certified by mere good test result. Do not limit your ambition to SAT only. Instead, be a C.E.O. in Silicon Valley.

While math empowers with analytics, English empowers with the eloquence to express, the desire to inspire, and the diplomacy to lead. With math, you can become a good engineer, but still feel shy to lead for lacking laudable English.

It is a known fact that colleges and universities seek candidates with exciting qualities. Starting from the fall of 2018, we launched a new program empowering ambitious students to differentiate themselves from their local public school peers.

These special programs, only offered in a small class size, will engage 2-5 students in an interactive and demanding manner. Classes will cover the following key subject areas:

  • English/language/literature
  • Math/logic/algorithmic computing/innovative programing
  • Communication/presentation/instantaneous response/extemporaneous speech
  • Leadership/law/constitution/executive perspectives
  • Computer science/technologies/E-commerce for young entrepreneurs (starting in the spring)

Although much more is needed to gain admission to a top university, there is no disagreement that the above strengths are fundamental prerequisites for the admission. Moreover, mastery of these subject areas has far-reaching benefits: helping students sustain and prevail throughout their careers. Each student may choose his/her preferred subject areas. Students will be peered by their level/strength within a particular subject.

Following the success of our traditional GT prep, SAT prep, and GT after-school programs, this new program offers several distinctive merits. To name a few:

  • An emphasis on growing a student's knowledge base.
  • Focused and deeper learning techniques.
  • An advisor assigned to each student to help cultivate their interests and focus areas.
  • To transform the classroom into a boardroom, to transform mere questions into discussions, to transform discussion into simulation.

To open up the students' world views, each subject/class will be taught under the guidance of well established scholars, teachers, lawyers, military officers, business executives, and occasionally invited public officials as guest speakers.

To address more personal needs, this program will be quite selective. Along with a student's academic credentials, an interview with the student and his/her parents will be a required element in the selection process.

Our mission is to transform the students of this unique program into future leaders with brilliance, confidence, and competence. We aim to equip them with a rock-solid academic foundation, cultivate their personalities, and turn these young thinkers into prepared, confident, and assertive speakers.

Note 1: Public schools provide an open generic system. However, they lack personal counseling and coaching. Private schools, on the other hand, provide a somewhat personal focus, but are more inclined towards a clandestine approach, without a clear focus on results. Our new Ivy Leaf program is mainly designed to supplement the students who enjoy public schools with a competitive edge that cannot even be matched by private institutions.

Note 2: How does Ivy Leaf get its inception? An interesting question. Honestly, it came from a movie (2002) "Emperor's Club." I was totally entralled and pensive about the influence of early education for "an emperor," and henceforce envision the needs for a future leader.