To register as a center

This special opportunity applies to the GT After-school (Online).

You should be more interested if

  • you have child(ren) still under 13 yrs old
  • you are looking for high quality after-school academic programs
  • you appreciate supplemental incomes

Once registered, you will receive a center ID, and a training/tutorial for using the Moodle (a user-friendly course management system).

Send your ID to the families under your service. The students then register at with the center ID. You will receive the commission of the registrations with your center ID.

Your responsibility:

  1. Help your students on login and submission in Moodle.
  2. Help the parents on checking the student's progress in Moodle.

Why Dr. Li's Online Programs have been highly recongnized?

  1. It has rich content/substance, in hard copy so that the students can work on a paper copy.
  2. The level is not trivial.
  3. Moodle can check their answers.
  4. Moodle offers essays/quizzes/supplements.
  5. Review videos are also available in Moodle for replay anytime.

Here is a short tour about Moodle course: What is it like inside a student's account?

Call Mrs. Li (301-520-6030) for this exciting opportunity.


Needed for assignments
Annual fee