GT Prep, SAT1, SAT2 prep

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SAT March Prep (Saturday)

  •  The prep is geared toward SAT 1 test on 3/9.
  • A real prep to help you master what you think you know.
  • We illuminate the true path through your tunnel of dismay.
  • We spark your full potentials.
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Kept confidential
Selected special rates must be fulfilled by either a check, PayPal, or your credit balance within 3 days.

SAT Intensive: 6-Weekend - Onsite/Online Available

A perfect plan for the students with busy weekday activities.

We are here to help you to prove your proficiency.

Lesson = math (1:00 - 2:00 pm) + English (2:00 - 4:00 pm)

Exam = 3 hrs (can be taken any time)

Review = math + English

Math: Dr. Li
English: Dr. Thomson

Site Location: (No mailing here): 
Needed for assignments/quizzes
No refund after the start

Spring Prep for GT Early

Dear parents,

Start early to be a sure winner!
Any accomplishment must start with inspirations.
Right steps must precede any success.

The spring GT prep is aiming to boost their performances in MAP/PARC tests and CogAT exam.

Mailing address for check payment: M&E Academy, P. O. Box 10893, Rockville, MD 20849

Booster for MAP Test (Middle School)

SKU: MAP-Winter-MS

Saturday 9:00 - 12:00 pm
Math: 1 hr
Reading: 1 hr
Writing: 1 hr

1    1/7
2    1/14
3    1/21
4    1/28
5    2/4
6    2/11
7    2/18
8    2/25
9    3/4
10    3/11

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Price: $0.00
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Early Decision to Dream Schools

Competitive College Admissions for Rising Seniors
Early Decision (ED) program applications are due by October and provide applicants with admissions decisions by December. Multiple skewed benefits exist from such programs that heavily benefit early applicants, such as: