MAP 8 Intensive plus Application Essay

This special program is designed to ensure the rising 8th graders to meet the selection criteria if they are interested in the Magnet options.

MAP Test in Sept (for 1st round candidate)

MAP Test in Jan (for Wait-list appeal)

We offer a competitive curriculum and environment, aiming for a 10+ to 20+ points leap in both MAP-M and MAP-R.

Moreover, this program will also focus on the development of a unique and compelling personal statement.

We provide critical directional comments and allow each student to revise and improve the essay before submission. 

Here is a comment made by a successful students:

I think that Dr. Li is a very good program to go through, not just for GT but for learning in general. The program not only introduces you to topics you don’t learn in school, but you are also able to practice for important tests, be exposed to classical literature, and sharpen your math, reading, and writing skills. Dr. Li not only provides you with the necessary knowledge to go above and beyond, but it also is a great course for anyone and everyone, GT or not, and I appreciate the help that it has given me in my studies.

I think Dr. Li’s preparation course was crucial in the crafting of a good, coherent essay, and had I not taken that course, and written the essay based on my own thoughts upon the prompt, I might have not been as successful as I had been. Dr. Li’s course provided guidance with writing the application essay, as well as general information on writing any essay. It was a very good experience overall.

Time: 9:00 - 12:00 pm

Week  1    9/9  
Week  2    9/16  
Week  3    9/23  
Week  4    9/30    
Week  5    10/7    
Week  6    10/14  
Week  7    10/21  
Week  8    10/28   
Week  9    11/4    
Week 10    11/11 

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