Interview for Jobs/Promotions

Through 3 decades of hard work, we have built a great network for the job market in the DC metropolitan area.

Great employers are looking for great employees at ALL times.

This is a reachout program for Dr. Li's community: our student alumni and their parents.

As well-known, our prep programs help them fulfill their academic desires.

Moving further, we are hoping to help them reach their career goals.

In a simple belief, this community has been undervalued. We see a great room for this community to take advantage of this economic turn and make your moves in

  • asking for a raise
  • promotion to a higher position
  • switching your career tracks
  • demanding your deserved compensations and bonus

And, it is all about your experience, talents and desires, even English is not your native language.

Instead of waiting, you need a plan and quick action.

You will need an experienced and trusted adviser.

You will appreciate our innovative and ingenious advice.

Week 1    6/24
Week 2    7/1
Week 3    7/8
Week 4    7/15
Week 5    7/22
Week 6    7/29
Week 7    8/5
Week 8    8/12

We offer confidential discussions and consultations.

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