GT Core Curriculum for 2019-20

Enroll GT K to 8

A school year (about 180 days) is divided into 3 terms (each with 60 days, or 3 months). Here is our calendar (3 terms).
Each class will be taught by a GT instructor.
All materials are included.
Parents will receive weekly feedback/update about the student.

Listed below are the subject that we teach in this school year:

  • Math: problem solving and raven (space/diagram logic), integrated with math count, math kangaroo, and math Olympia.
  • Reading: vocab + GT Literature
  • Phonics: spelling with sound reasoning
  • Writing: outline, writing, and revision with grammar lessons
  • CogAT: verbal reasoning good for MAP R and PARC tests as well.
  • Speaking: Interpersonal comm. and presentation
  • Physics: mechanics (kinematics, dynamics, force, energy) 
  • IT: web programming with Python and database

Our After-school program stands strongly behind the students' high performance in the state-wise MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress).

  • Fall test: 10/11 to 11/2
  • Winter test: 1/2 - 2/22
  • Spring test: 5/4 - 6/7

Class Schedule (4:30 - 6:00 pm)

Robin Level

GTK   Mon   Math
GTK   Tue    Writing/Grammar
GTK   Wed   Reading & verbal
GTK   Thu    Handwriting & focus training
GTK   Fri     Phonics

GT1    Mon   Math
GT1    Tue    Writing/Grammar
GT1    Wed   Reading & verbal
GT1    Thu    Handwriting & focus training
GT1    Fri     Phonics
GT2    Mon   Math
GT2    Tue    Writing & Grammar
GT2    Wed   Reading
GT2    Thu    CogAT (verbal reasoning)
GT2    Fri      Phonics

Pigeon  Level     
GT3    Mon   CogAT (verbal reasoning)
GT3    Tue    Speaking
GT3    Wed   Math (with math kangaroo) 
GT3    Thu    Writing & grammar
GT3    Fri      Reading & Vocab
GT4    Mon   CogAT
GT4    Tue    Speaking
GT4    Wed  Writing & Grammar
GT4    Thu   Reading & Vocab
GT4    Fri     Math (with math kangaroo) 
GT5    Mon   Speaking
GT5    Tue    CogAT (verbal reasoning)
GT5    Wed   Reading & Vocab
GT5    Thu    Math (with math kangaroo)
GT5    Fri     Writing & Grammar

Eagle Level
GT6    Mon   Speaking
GT6    Tue    Math (math count)
GT6    Wed   Python programming & web database
GT6    Thu    Reading/Writing/grammar
GT6    Fri     CogAT (verbal reasoning)
GT7    Mon   Speaking
GT7    Tue    Math (math count)
GT7    Wed   Python programming & web database
GT7    Thu    Reading/Writing/grammar
GT7    Fri     CogAT (verbal reasoning)

GT8    Mon   Speaking
GT8    Tue    Math (math count)
GT8    Wed   Python programming & web database
GT8    Thu    Reading/Writing/grammar
GT8    Fri     CogAT (verbal reasoning)