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A. S./RM/IB/1600/Aug 17'

This past summer, I attended the SAT prep class Dr. Li's. I had done next to no research on the SAT before, so truthfully I didn't know what to expect. Once we started doing practice problems, I admit, I was a bit unnerved by how many I was getting wrong. Reading comprehension was just reading comprehension, so why was I making so many mistakes?

K. B./Centennial HS/1580/Aug 17'

It was Monday, June 19th. I went to the bus stop at around 7:25 am, and there was a silver Ford van that was our “bus” waiting for me. I got in, and there were a few other people already inside. There was barely any space. It was made worse when, at the next stop, 4 more people came in, making the van at capacity. It’s going to be a long two weeks, I thought. Once we arrived, I felt even more isolated. People seemed to know each other, and were talking, while I just sat there. But the instruction from the teachers was worth it.

J. H./Severna Park/1590/Aug 17'

Last Summer, I could attend Dr. Li’s SAT Prep class for only two weeks due to my distance. This past August, about one year after I took the class, I took the SAT and received a 1590, with a 800 on math and a 790 on English. I got a 8/6/8 on the essay portion. I wish I could have a longer exposure as the learning impact goes well beyond the SAT score.

Sean C, Junior @ Urbana HS, SAT 1570 (Oct 2016)

With the restructuring of the SAT and my lack of improvement to begin with, I thought I could not possibly score well. I knew I didn’t need a perfect score to enter my dream school of UC Berkeley, but I was not going to score even a 1560, the equivalent of a 2300. Dr. Li’s class gave me the motivation and strategies I needed to improve on the SAT.

The proudest moment of a parent

Hi Doctor Li,

Like you said good SAT score worth a lot. My daughter has weight GPA of 4.75 (7 APs) like most students you have. But her SAT 2400 and recommendation from U Penn due to her Gold keys on writing cracks the door open.

She got $49,800 scholarship plus $5,000 financial aid from U Penn yesterday. U Penn is her early decision school and it is her dream school. She only applied one and she got it.

She also wins National Merit and my employer's scholarships.

Alicia L, Dec 2015, SAT 2400

Hi Dr. Li! This is Alicia, a current sophmore from Kentucky. I just wanted to write in and say thank you! I got my SAT score back the other day and it was a 2400!!!

I just wanted to say thanks, since I couldn't have done it without your camp! I'll be back for the 2016 summer camp to practice for the PSAT!


Note: Alicia's brother John was our first student who scored 2400 10 years ago (2005). Here is his historical testimony.


Liz C, RM/IB, SAT 2330

Sorry this is so late but I didn't have much time before. My scores were 800 in math, 760 in writing, 770 in reading when I took it in May. Please let me know what the reward is. Thanks. Here is my personal journey:
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