Fame SAT 2015

Fransiska D, Centennial HS, 2350, Oct 15

Name: Fransiska D
School: Centennial HS
Test Date: Oct 2015 (Junior)
SAT Math: 800SAT Reading: 800
SAT Writing:750
SAT Essay: 10

Since I was a child, I knew the SAT was a test I would eventually have to take. However, I never worried much about it, assuming that it was all in the future, and I could deal with it then. I kept this attitude until the end of sophomore year when I realized junior year was approaching, and with it, the SAT’s.

Megaha Kori - RMIB

SAT 2330, Dec
In the beginning of the summer, I had never given much thought to prepping for the SAT - I just assumed that I would take the test once, maybe twice, and settle with that score. Even though all my friends were telling me how great your camp was, I didn't really believe them.