Megaha Kori - RMIB

SAT 2330, Dec
In the beginning of the summer, I had never given much thought to prepping for the SAT - I just assumed that I would take the test once, maybe twice, and settle with that score. Even though all my friends were telling me how great your camp was, I didn't really believe them.
But your SAT camp helped me understand the nuances of the exam. The intensive study packets, accountability system and daily sessions made a huge difference. I think, honestly, what matters in the end is how much practice you get. Since we had weekly packets, chock-full with real SAT questions, I had no choice but to practice. Lessons supplemented the packets, which really reinforced the concepts we had covered the night before.
I think the big difference between Dr. Li's and other SAT prep centers is the interactive discussions we had. They kept me engaged with the topics we were covering, an imperative in learning the material.
I appreciated the Dr. Thomson's promptness regarding practice essays, and his stories kept class interesting. I am also thankful for all the math preparation we did. Going over the problems in class, as well as taking daily quizzes, was more efficient than standard lectures.
Prior to starting camp, I took a practice exam. At the end of camp, I took another - my score shot up over 400 points. Which, I think, is proof that this works.