Olisaneme from Poolesville HS to Harvard 2024

Hello Dr. Li, Hope you're staying safe amid Covid-19. My son Olisaneme Okonkwo (Anthony) has been accepted to Harvard for Biomedical Engineering - class of 2024.  It was a lovely Christmas present. Just wanted to share the news and let you know, you made a difference.   I share your information with my colleagues and I hope they use your services.   Have a great week! Veronica Omenka  

Natalie C., from Northwest HS to U. Penn (Class of 2020)

Hi Doctor Li,

Like you said good SAT score worth a lot. My daughter has weight GPA of 4.75 (7 APs) like most students you have. But her perfect SAT and recommendation from Northwest HS due to her Gold keys on writing cracks the door open.

She got $49,800 scholarship plus $5,000 financial aid from U Penn yesterday. U Penn is her early decision school and it is her dream school. She only applied one and she got it.