SAT Spring Prep

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  • A real prep to help you master what you think you know.
  • We illuminate the true path through your tunnel of dismay.
  • We spark your full potentials.

Location: 10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850

Saturday (Math&English) 2:30 - 5:30 PM:

  1. 2/1
  2. 2/8
  3. 2/15
  4. 2/22
  5. 2/29
  6. 3/7
  7. 3/14 (Midterm)
  8. 3/21 (Exam Review)
  9. 3/28 (Zoom)
  10. 4/4 (Zoom)
  11. 4/11 (Zoom)
  12. 4/18 (Zoom)
  • SAT English emphasize more in reading, analysis, less in memorization of vocab.
  • SAT math stresses more in depth, data, and applicaitons, less in tricks.
  •  SAT writing focuses more in understanding and analyzing, less in self opinions.
  • Our prep course offers a rigorous review of test topics. Through our unique and battle-tested methods, you will gain mastery.
  • Test prep should not be a hopeless process, but rather an experience filled with academic dreams and positive energy.
  •  Igniting your full potential is our goal, and we show you how obtaining the compelling test score you desire is possible.
Selected special rates must be fulfilled by either a check, PayPal, or your credit balance within 3 days.