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It is an unspoken secret. Dec test offers free ride for 30 to 50 points according to the statistics of the past 5 years. In other words, if you score 1500 in Oct test, you can score 1530 to 1550, due to the curve. 

Only 300 to 500 words are allowed for the college application essay. Your solid SAT score alone will quietly support your personal statement, yet more effectively without using a word.

Don't wait. The next test will come in March (3 mon away, yet with uncertainty).

Breaking News!  Gloria scored 1570 in Nov Test (2020).

Hi Dr.Li,

I took the SAT two weeks ago and just got my results. I got a 1570: a 780 in Reading and a 790 in Math. Unfortunately, this means that I will not be attending any more SAT prep classes, but I thank you for helping me all these years. A major part of this score is due to your guidance.

Gloria M.

Breaking News!  Shreya scored 1590 in Oct Test (2020).

Dear Dr. Li,

I just received my SAT score, and I got a 1590 (790 English / 800 math). I really appreciate the guidance that you and Dr. Thomson have provided me on my SAT journey.

Thank you!


This course will help you rapidly grasp your competence and confidence over the nearly four hours test.

9:00 - 12:00 Test
1:00 - 4:00   Exam Review
4:00 - 4:30  Essay Review (Paid option)

  • A suite of 4 mock exams will be the center of the review.
  • Harder than College Board exams, designed for high achievers.
  • Enriched with useful tips and secrets.
  • Each test MUST be taken by the student, in flexible schedule, before the review taking place.
  • The review will provide detailed explanations w/ reasoning for each question brought up. 
  • More examples for each asked question will be closely studied for reinforcement.
  • There is nothing more efficient than mock exam plus review right before the test.
  • Tired of the void theories or lessons? Then work more on those questions to raise your score.
  • All questions will be discussed and explained in depth.
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Kept confidential