SAT Intensive Prep

SAT Hall of Fame

This course will help you rapidly grasp your competence and confidence over the nearly four hours test.

All class materials are included.

6 weekends (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)

❶ Mock Exam 1 + Review

❷ Lesson 1

❸ Lesson 2

❹ Mock Exam 2 + Review

❺ Lesson 3

❻ Mock Exam 3 + Review

A rigorous design to enrich their abilities in math, reading, vocab/reading, grammar/writing for the most comprehensive PSAT/SAT test. Each week will provicde comprehensive handouts to encompass the work of focus. Through regular assignments/practices, the students are expected to be more responsive about the curriculum and development of the course.

Kept confidential
M & E Academy, P. O. Box 10893, Rockville, MD 20849 (Mailing address if needed)