Digitial SAT Test Sharpening Tools

The most sussessful stategy to ace DSAT:

Familiarize with the new test questions in paper format to improve the confidence first, then fine tune your performance through a timed testing environment.

Paper testing materials:
Our paper tests resemble the digital test (at harder level), but come, more friendly and favorably, on hardcopy to cater the needs for reviewing and notes taking.

R&W Module 1 (33 questions): 39 min
R&W Module 2 (33 questions): 39 min
Math Module 1 (27 questions): 43 min 
Math Module 2: (27 questions) 43 min

Digital testing environment:
The best sharpening tool to improve your timing control over the digital SAT test (at harder level).

R&W Module 1 (27 questions): 32 min
R&W Module 2 (27questions): 32 min
Math Module 1 (22 questions): 37 min 
Math Module 2 (22 questions): 37 min

The student will receive the account credentials (needed for the online tests) via email.

Check the account notice in the inbox/spam folder thereafter.

Contact Dr. Li (dl@mathenglish.com) for further assistance.

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