Digital/Paper SAT Prep

SM/Blair/1570/Oct 2021
JS/Richard Montgomery HS/1570/Aug 2021
JL/Marriots Ridge HS/1590/Aug 2021

We will start with paper SAT and move gradually to digital version.

It is a totally new game. No clear winners yet. But, you can claim more territory by starting early as now.


9:00 - 10:00 Math
10:00 - 11:00 Reading
11:00 - 12:00 Grammar and Usage

  1. 9/17
  2. 9/24
  3. 10/1
  4. 10/8
  5. 10/15
  6. 10/22
  7. 10/29
  8. 11/5
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  • The most efficient way to raise your score by studying the exam questions with expert opinion.
  • A suite of 4 mock exams will be the center of the review.
  • Harder than College Board exams, designed for high achievers.
  • Enriched with useful tips and secrets.
  • Each test MUST be taken by the student, in a flexible schedule, before the review starts.
  • The review will provide detailed explanations w/ reasoning for each question brought up. 
  • More examples for each asked question will be closely studied for reinforcement.
  • Tired of the void theories or lessons? Then work more on those questions to raise your score.
  • All questions will be discussed and explained in depth.
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No refund after the start