A Touch-Up to Light Up


Before the Annoucement of EA's!

All the top schools will conduct interviews with their prospective candidates. Now, all the interviews are conducted in Zoom. You will receive the best coaching experience to overcome your zoom-fear. You are going to stage a stunning performance to blow away the sharpest recruiter.

Let's focus on the regular application process right away.

Our students are enjoying the freshman year now:
          L.D. (Blair H.) Dartmouth
         V.X. (Blair H.) Stanford
         C.P. (Frederick H.)  Stanford
         A.O. (Poolsville) Harvard
         F.F. (Sherwood) Georgetown

To secure your bid for those highly decorated in academic records, you MUST deliver the following in the last mile:

  • a vivid statement for your desire
  • an appealing description of your distinguished qualifications, reflective of your personality

Our team are here to help streamline your essay with a smoothie and clear flow through each word, sentence, and highlight.

Be prepared to submit your draft for stimulating comments.

Each essay will be polished/reviewed 3 (three) times before shining.

This process will make your essay echoing, grabbing, and hard to put away.

Our team support, including timely consultation/zoom meetings, will continue till your last application is fulfilled. 

All these efforts are worthy of your lifetime dream. 

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