Aiming at Your Dreams


You will need college experiences for a universal passport through the future adventures.

We will provide

- a candid assessment for the chance of your applications.

- thorough brainstorming sessions for your early bids

- perspectives to visualize your passways to the maze of the top 20 schools

- a unique theme to weave your achievements, experiences, and visions into your unforgettable personal statement 

Congrats to Areeb, who shines a Bangladeshi family!
     Lucky Yale for adding another highly talented student.

One Loving Nigerian family's humble wish is accomplished by two Ivy cousins:

- Samuel M (Blair HS) accepted MIT by turning down Yale, Duke, and Stanford.

- Isaac H (Wootton HS) is starting pre law at Cornell. 

(Both started Dr. Li's program since 3rd grade in Stone Mill ES.)

You may have a wish, so we have a way.

This is a dramatic year for college admissions since the criteria have drastically changed.

We help you secure a bright spot in your pursuit, which will turn into your permanent personal assets.

Your personality is the vessel, your ability is the engine, and your will is the steering wheel.

We are a professional architect and strategist to shape up the vessel, plug in the engine, and align the steering wheel for your win. 

All the top schools will size the vessels, and gauge the engines and steering wheels. They would love to see if this lucky pick turns out to be a super tanker 10 or 15 years later.

"Colleges want to see a demonstrated track record of success (test scores, transcripts, awards), but that isn't enough. They want to truly understand you. What makes you tick? What are your goals and dreams? How do you envision yourself realizing these dreams? Most importantly, why are you special, and why do you deserve admission when 95% of the total applicant pool will ultimately face rejection? If they cannot find the answer to these questions, this application will sit on the bench first."

Director: Michael Li, Columbia Univ. (Computer Science)

Essay support team:

  • Charlie, Columbia Univ. (English/Literature)
  • Elena, Duke Univ. (Literature/Psychology)
  • Katherine, Rice Univ (Psychology/Sociology
  • Kez, U. of Chicago (Literature/History)

About the services:

Most talented applicants receive a less than deserved result not for lacking the qualifications -- but rather for failing to identify and execute the perfect application strategies.

As a contender, you must answer the most difficult question: "Why do I, not others, deserve their attention?"

The gatekeeper is expecting a good story about the candidate, and the school is going to invest on the winner in the next four years.

All the applicants must have worked hard enough throughout high school. It is time to put the achievements and advantages on the table.

We are here to help the mindful few to follow a unique approach to the dream school in four (highly confident) directions: pre-med, computer science, economics/business, and pre-law.

With our guidance, the applicant will take mission-critical Early and Regular application approaches. With our team's help, the applicant will rediscover his or her powerful inner voice and radiate confidence throughout the written and spoken (interview) portions of the application.

About our staff:

  • Dr. Li serves as the coordinator and pace setter for all prominent students. 
  • Dr. Thomson is a senior advisor of the college admission board.
  • Ms. Lyat Sheintal, who just joined our admission board, also a Columbia alumni, has rich experience in college applications.
  • Mr. Michael Li was awarded admission to Case Western Reserve University's prestigious 8-year combined BA/MD medical program with a full scholarship. He then chose to attend Columbia University instead and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Throughout and in the years after his college career, Mr. Li has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm to successfully advise many aspiring applicants.

For those who are high academic achievers, you MUST deliver the following in order to secure your bid:

  • a vivid statement of your desire
  • an appealing description of your distinguishable qualifications, reflective of your personality
  • an open bright tone to display your confidence and warm personality during the interview if required

Our team is here to ignite your ambitions, architect your plan, and help streamline your essay with a smooth and clear flow through each word, sentence, and highlight.

Be prepared to submit your essays drafts to receive stimulating and insightful comments.

Each essay will be polished/reviewed 3 (three) times before shining.

This process will make your essay resonate, grab attention, and difficult to put down.

All these efforts are worthy of your lifetime dream. 

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We will help you create a unique thematic personal storyline, powerful flow, high and low, with indelible climaxes.
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