New Rising Stars!


Congratulations to the the class 2025!

  • S. V. (Centennial) UPenn, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, JHU, Rice, UNC Chapel Hill, NYU, Georgia Tech (BME), UVA Engineering, and Vanderbilt,
  • P. Z. (RM/IB)  Caltech, UMD Honors and UVA engineering
  • N. C. (River Hill)  Naval Academy
  • A. K. (Broad Run)  UVA, Georgia Tech, ...
  • R. M. (Blair)  UMD Honors College  Engineering-Computer Science dual degree program
  • and more ....

To secure your bid for those highly decorated in academic records, you MUST deliver the following in the last mile:

  • a vivid statement of your desire
  • an appealing description of your distinguishable qualifications, reflective of your personality

Our team are here to ignite your ambitions, architect your plan, and help streamline your essay with a smoothie and clear flow through each word, sentence, and highlight.

Be prepared to submit your draft for stimulating comments.

Each essay will be polished/reviewed 3 (three) times before shining.

This process will make your essay echoing, grabbing, and hard to put away.

Our team support, including timely consultation/zoom meetings, will continue till your last application is fulfilled. 

All these efforts are worthy of your lifetime dream. 

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