Critical Seminar for Competitive College Applications


Bi-weekly Zoom meeting, 2 hrs each time

No internship, no summer jobs, and no activities at this special time. For rising seniors,

  • Are you fully ready for the applications?
  • How can you cope with these challenges at this critical time?
  • What can make you stand out in the long line of contestants?

The clock is still counting down regardless the lock-down.

No time should be spared now.
We would like to share with critical tips.
We would like you to meet our prominent alumni who just became the freshmen to the top schools.
We would like you to take the advantages amid the adversities.

2:00 - 4:00 pm

  1. 6/21
  2. 7/5
  3. 7/19
  4. 8/2
  5. 8/16
  6. 8/30
  7. 9/13
  8. 9/27


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