6 Sets of (Online) Mock Exam for TJHSST Entrance


The most accurate assessment tests designed for the ambitious students.
Based on the most recently released guidelines for TJ Entrance Exam.

Each set comprises of

1 hr


5 questions with scrambled paragraphs

15 questions logical reasoning

5 critical reading passages with 5 questions each.

1 hr


50 questions
The quantitative section is weighed the most heavily throughout the admissions process.

It consists of 50 multiple-choice math problems up to Algebra I with some basic Geometry included.  This section progresses from easy to hard questions.

Get quick scoring upon submission.
Get a thorough review on each mistake.
Get lessons/instructions on each challenging question.
Valuable annotations and explanations are offered for highly efficient shortcuts.
Precise timing.

One year of unlimited access for these 6 tests to hone your testing skill.


Fairfax County has one of the best high schools in the entire US (currently ranked #2 nationally by US News): Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (a.k.a. TJHSST, or “TJ”).  But getting in is not easy and students must start preparing early to be ready. TJ is a school which caters to highly achieving students specifically focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); and although it is located in Fairfax County, it is technically not part of the Fairfax County Public Schools district.  Instead, TJ is a Virginia state-chartered magnet school, which serves students from across several school districts in Northern Virginia. So, when studying at TJ, students are being challenged by the best of the best in the entire region.


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