Online SAT1

New PSAT/SAT Math E-Prep

The most effective online Interactive Self-or Group-Learning Environment for sharpening their math skills to achieve your desired score under timing contraint.

Each question is provided with detailed explanation and steps, easy to follow.

Disucssion (chat) room is available among peers.

1) New PSAT/SAT Math Booster from 600 to 700
This set comprises questions varying from basic to medium hard. Favorite SAT questions such as


New SAT Essay

Within 6 months, the student will be assigned to 6 essay prompts. Each prompt will come from a short passage in the following categories:

  • Science
  • Arts
  • Literature
  • Politics
  • Autobiography, and
  • Fiction. 

The student will need to read, analyze, and write on a given prompt. Each prompt allows two attempts: first draft and second revision. Each submission will be scored, annotated, and provided with suggested changes within 24 hours.