Private Tutoring with Dr. Li

This is a 1-1 tutoring program offered by Dr. Li through online only. Per suscription, each individual will have 6 private lessons. Normally, 1 hour will be good enough. However, the discussion can be extended if it goes well.

Normally, it is the student who initiates the lesson, which will be scheduled within 12 hours.

To receive the most benefits, all (up to 20) questions must be identified and email to Dr. Li. Questions can be in typed texts or photo/scan images. Explanations will be using online whiteboard on any browswer.


Online Writing for Gr10

Each subscription enables you to submit essays within 6 months. Each prompt allows two attempts: first draft and second revision. Each submission will be scored, annotated, and provided with suggested changes within 48 hours.

Needed for assignments/quizzes

Workbooks for Grade 10 (Alg2)

Math 36 booklets will cover the entire honors Algebra 2.