Zach Zhao / Robert Frost MS ⮞ RM/IB

I have always wanted to be a part of the magnet program. It was my dream that was only a dream until this year, 2020. With support from Dr. Li and Mr. Li, I have achieved my goal of making the magnet program at Richard Montgomery High School. The entire preparation period was incredibly rewarding as classes taught by Mr. Li and Dr. Li have changed my life. The lessons they taught have also motivated and inspired my friends that have attended these classes regardless of whether they were accepted or not.

Working towards my goal required a lot of effort. I mainly recommend the fall class as that class focuses on mock tests and testing strategies the most. These tests improved my actual test scores vastly. During this period, I have also had to study a lot outside of these classes. This means that I had to learn and review material that was handed out and create my own study method. Studying fastidiously was not a question, rather a must. With such intense periods of studying, it often tired me out, causing me to become more irate. With a curriculum provided to me, I was able to overcome some of this stress and paranoia that was built in me during this period.

Dr. Li’s classes have inspired me to become a better student and established roots for success. Many thanks to the great team at Math and English determined to help students be their best. Many thanks to them for helping me achieve my ambitions.