Vivian She/Fox Chapel/Gr4/2019 Jan

My Competition Experience
Vivian She
Fox Chapel
Grade 4

I have learned and experienced many things during this competition. I took only the reading part, and here is how it went, what I learned, and how the results turned out.

I found out only three days prior to the contest that I needed to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer before I took the test. I hurriedly read it, reading whenever I had the time. I squeezed in time to read the book before dinner, after dinner, in between extra-curricular activities, and I even read some on the car trip to the contest! I managed to finish the 180+ pages (mostly) before the contest.

During the contest itself, I was nervous, but I did not let my nerves get the best of me. I tried my best during the test and used what I knew to help me answer the questions. When I was writing my essay during the test, I summed up everything that I could use for the question and put it into writing. I also made sure that I included enough details and everything was neat and organized. Finally, I proofread everything for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. After I finished my essay and double-checked my answers, I turned everything in.

Using this test strategy, I got first place for 4th grade. I didnt expect it, but I used my strategy and I achieved my goal!

Next time, I will make sure that I am clear with the directions and that I am fully prepared before coming to the exam. Now I am encouraged to take the math test too!

That is what I experienced during the competition and what I have learned from it.