Treasure Hunt in Rocky Mountains

Read this article first. Then, write and revise your essay in a local/clock document for the the assignment below:

Assignment: Fenn could have sold his rare collection for lots of money, but instead carried the chest into a far distant mountain to hide and use for an adventure. Although his motivation was altruistic, some people were injured/killed in hunting for the treasure. Do you think that hiding the treasure was a good idea? Do you think he is responsible for the outcome?

Author: RI/GT7/Parkland MS/June, 2020

      When reading books, you may come across a book that takes you through an exciting treasure hunt, full of adventure, excitement, thrilling fights, and labyrinths. One day a man named Forest Fenn decided to make one of his own. Forest Fenn is a multimillionaire art dealer, he decided to hide a treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains with only a poem as a clue. It was hidden ten years ago and only now it has been found. Although his motivations were altruistic, people have died and have been injured trying to search for his treasure. This raises some red flags and some questions. Was hiding the treasure a good idea and is Fenn responsible for the death of some people? Hiding this treasure was a good idea and Fenn is not responsible for the death/injuries of people who searched for his treasure.

        Hiding a treasure in the Rocky Mountains was a good idea. Hiding a treasure in the Rocky Mountains intrigued thousands of people world-wide to come searching for the treasure. This allowed people to see the beauty of nature and be at peace with the world with nature. Sometimes nature is capable of curing depression so going on this treasure hunt may have cured depression for some people. Nature can even lower stress levels and by lowering stress levels it can reduce blood pressure which is good for your physical well being. Also, people who have been experiencing hard times in their life could have been given hope learning about a treasure that contains one-million dollars. Hiding a treasure in the Rocky Mountains increased physical and mental well being as well as gave hope to people who planned to go on the treasure hunt.

        Forest Fenn should not be held responsible for the deaths and injuries people have suffered who went looking for his treasure. Fenn did not force anyone to go looking for the treasure. It was the person’s decision to go and try to locate the treasure. Fenn only informed people that there was treasure out there with real money in it. This means that it was solely the choice of the people that put their lives in danger to find the treasure. Some people died because of factors out of Fenn’s control. Sometimes animals might attack, people could lose their footing on a mountain and fall off, people could fall down and hit their head on a sharp rock, people could have fell into the river and drowned, etc. Fenn is unable to control these factors which means that Fenn should not be responsible for the injuries and deaths of people who went looking for his treasure.

        Reading about the treasure hunt created by Forest Fenn compels me to go outside and explore. It makes me feel adventurous and it makes me feel jealous that I was unable to go on this treasure hunt before the treasure was found. Reading about articles blaming Fenn for the deaths and injuries of people makes me feel upset and angry. With two pieces of evidence supporting my claim, hiding the treasure was a good idea and Fenn is not responsible for the deaths/injuries of the people who went looking for it.