Sunny O. RM/IB, SAT II Math 800, June 2014

Last Name: O.
First Name: Sunny
Current School: Richard Montgomery HS
Current Grade : Gr11
Achievements: SAT2
Test Date: 2014-06-08
Latest Date of Attendance (< 150 days from now): 2014-06-01
SAT 2 Subject with score: Mathematics Level 2, 800

Whenever I self-studied for a test, I historically did not do very well on them. In my sophomore year, when my parents heard that everyone was taking the SAT II for math that May or June, they naturally panicked and worried that I would not be able to adequately prepare myself for the test. That's where Dr. Li came in. It was not the first time that I had ever taken a class with him and they trusted him; his classes had successfully gotten me into a magnet high school, after all. At first, I was a bit annoyed about the Saturday classes since I believed that math would be no problem for me.


However, on the first day, Dr. Li administered a practice test to us all and I did not do nearly as well as I believed that I could have done. That first test served as a wake-up call for me and demonstrated to me that I needed to practice, and I needed to pay attention. So I listened to the questions that other people asked in class, as well as asking some of my own. I looked over the practice packets that Dr. Li gave to us and made sure to ask him about the ones I did not know how to do, or searched them up on Google. This method showed success very quickly, since my scores shot up from week one, with only an occasional blip on the upward trend here or there. Soon I was able to consistently score at the level where I had originally thought I already was. I thought I was finally sufficiently prepared for the test.


On the day of the SAT II test, I felt confident since I knew that Dr. Li had done everything to help me succeed. I talked to some friends who had also taken prep classes and everyone seemed fine. We saw the test, which was rather similar to those that Dr. Li showed us and made us take consistently, week after week. All those Saturdays spent in that small classroom were worth it since during the test, I was able to not panic and time myself well. None of the problems seemed extremely unusual or completely off from what we had practiced with Dr. Li in class over the past few weeks. Even the problems which did seem a bit atypical were able to be figured out and completed well within the time limit. Finishing the test, I thought I did alright. I definitely hoped to score around the same range that I did on the Dr. Li tests.


On the day the results were released, I pushed off checking them; however, when I did, I was enormously relieved. I had scored exactly as Dr. Li had predicted, the same score I had received on the last few practice tests: an 800, a perfect score. I was thankful that it went well, as were my parents, and the score I received was largely in part of all the practice tests I took. So thank you, Dr. Li, for teaching me.