Summer Book Club for 2022

We will provide all handouts/materials, but not including the following summer books.
The books (with Amazon links) should be ready before the first day of the summer session.
The students are encouraged to start reading ahead without instructions.
They will receive the reading plan, quizzes, speaking topics, and essay questions during the session.
From G3 to G8, you will need one of the following books for your class in the session.
Mid Level:
❷ 7/5 - 7/15 Dash, by Kirby Larson
The first one is WWII-set historical fiction about a Japanese girl whose family is placed in internment camps, and the dog she misses when they do; the second is a fantasy novel with good vocab and a fun sea-faring story; the last one is an old classic about farm life in New York state during the late 1800s, told through the perspective of one of the family's sons (it's part of the Little House on the Prairie series, but it's a fun read and a way of life none of these kids would have been exposed to).

Advanced Level:
❷ 7/5 - 7/15 The Body in the Library, by Agatha Christie
❸ 7/18 - 7/29 Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
❹ 8/1 - 8/12 The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde

All three of these are classics, but in very different ways--the Christie one is a really fun mystery that plays with genre conventions; the second is of course a huge Austen classic that they probably won't be assigned in high school because it's a bit longer, but a cultural and literary touchpoint; and the final one is a really funny play set in the 1890s.