GT Enrichment Camp (Full-day Camp)



Campsite: 4th FL, USG Building III (9636 Gudelski Dr)

Perfect Academic Charger for Rising Gr3 to Gr8

There are four different (non-repeated) sessions:

Books needed: GT Theme Books

All other materials will be provided.

Each session uses unique (non-repeated) materials/curriculum, in consistent design, ascending in levels.
Each session lasts 2 weeks.
More parents choose two or more sessions to attain visible results.

Enrichment courses offered on session (2-week) basis
These classes preview the major concepts that will be covered in future school curriculum. This will enable the students to get ahead and gain more confidence in next school year.

Math: These classes will cover numerous future math topics that are generally considered hard. Students will learn problem solving techniques and critical reasoning skills necessary to receive "A" in the future year.

Vocab/Reading: Students will progress through 6 levels of vocabulary while learning important reading comprehension skills. Students will also learn to write an effective persuasive essay using the process of pre-writing, writing and revision.

Reasoning skills: Throughout the curriculum and exercise, the students will enjoy the amazing experience about the reasoning competition and application. We emphasize verbal and logical reasoning skills, required to pass any GT tests, notably CoGAT or Iowa test.Writing/Grammar: Creative writing builds on writing and language arts skills that students acquire throughout their school years. Students are encouraged to develop their own “voice” by exploring various genres of writing including short stories, mysteries, poetry, and script writing, among others.

Quiz: Students will be given short quizzes on daily basis. The questions on the quiz cover the topics taught in the previous class. Parents are advised to keep posted about these quiz scores since they are an effective way of making sure that students are absorbing the information presented in class and benefiting from it.

in fall    Programs

3rd       GT 3
4th       GT 4
5th       GT 5
6th       GT 6 (Pre-algebra 1 & 2)
7th       GT 7 (Algebra 1)
8th       GT 8 (Geometry)

Camp Site (No mailing here): 
USG Bldg III, MD 20850 (Microwave + Cafeteria)
Needed for assignments/quizzes
Selected special rates must be fulfilled by either a check, PayPal, or your credit balance within 3 days.