Srivastava, R., River Hill HS, Math II 800, June 2014

Last Name: R.
First Name: Srivastava
Current School: River Hill High School
Current Grade : Gr10
Achievements: SAT2
Test Date: 2014-06-07
Latest Date of Attendance (< 150 days from now): 2014-05-31
SAT 2 Subject with score: Math - 800


I live in Howard County but I went to Dr. Li in Rockville for six weekends. It was my Aunt who told my parents about Dr. Li’s class as my cousin had just finished his session there. My math teacher at school had not taught some of the topics that were going to be on the test so I needed guidance. My parents had been looking online for SAT prep classes but they didn’t find any that released actual results and scores of their students…until they found out about Dr. Li. My parents promptly signed me up for the SAT II Math 2 Subject Test.


At first, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. The drive to Rockville was daunting. The first day, Dr. Li handed out practice tests for the class to complete in an hour. I scored 700. All the students told Dr. Li the questions they had struggled with and he reviewed every single question. He answered each question with intuitive techniques and also taught ways using the calculator. Coupled with new strategies, I scored better and better on each practice test he gave and by the fourth practice test, I had reached 800. Each test had differing content from the last, as to provide a deep learning experience. The whiteboard was a great tool for his instruction as he often depicted diagrams and strategies on the board. With all of these actions in each class, I realized that the classes weren’t boring at all. When getting into the class, I got more enthusiastic about what I was going to learn each session. For example, I was completely in the dark about how to calculate combinations as that was something my math teacher had not touched in class, but Dr. Li taught simple easy concepts like that if the students asked about it.


Another notable thing about Dr. Li’s class is that he manages time very well. The whole session takes about two hours, but much is taught within those two hours. The first hour is test time and the second is instruction time. Across six classes are six hours of instruction, and he covered most everything that would appear on the SAT II exam. The proof is in my improvement in taking the exam, as I went from 700 to 800 on the actual test. If Dr. Li had too many questions of the 60 to cover in the hour, he would take questions after the class, and give more instruction after the class. The efficiency in this class also makes it very easy to attend class. Most SAT courses span many hours a day, but this is quality instruction.


During the actual exam, my calculator broke, but I didn’t want to cancel my score. Dr. Li’s intuitive teaching let me answer the questions without reliance on a calculator. The whole class all in all was very informative, efficient, enjoyable, and was integral to my getting 800 on the SAT II Math 2 Subject Test. The drive to Rockville from Howard County was totally worth it. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Li’s program to anyone who wants to better their score.

I am now going to attend Dr. Li’s two week SAT 1 session. Dr. Li’s has a summer session designed only for students who need help in Critical Reading and I am greatly looking forward to learning the Critical Reading and Writing techniques and getting the best possible SAT 1 score.