Siddy Bhasin/Dufief ES/Gr3/2019 Jan

My Experience with Math/English Contest

Siddy Bhasin

Dufief ES, Grade 3


Dr. Li held a great contest that helped me in many ways. I think the contest was a good way to practice writing skills. I think Dr. Li let kids participate so they feel proud of finishing the test and getting a reward.

The contest helped me build my confidence. This is because among all the kids that go to Dr. Li, I was one of the winners. At my school there was an essay competition and my essay got selected for the County level competition. This improved my competitive skills for contests. When I got informed that there was a Math and English contest coming up, I was eager to enter.

Since I did well on the contest, it has inspired me to do my best on other competitions as well. Although the contest was fun, it was difficult at the same time. The sequencing problems took lot of time and effort. Similarly, the English problems were not easy to figure out either.

In my opinion, the contest improved my over all learning skills. It is a good practice for the SAT test, which helps you to get into good colleges such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard. The contest also encouraged me to take on new challenges in life.

I would like to thank Dr. Li for giving me this wonderful opportunity to enter in the contest. I cannot wait for the upcoming contest in June. I had a great time taking the test and I hope everybody else did too!