Shuttle Services

Stop #1 McDonald at River Hill Village Center  
(6095 Daybreak Cir. Clarksville, MD 21029)
Leave: 8:05 AM
Arrive: 4:40 PM

They will follow the procedure to board/discharge the students

- call each student’s name listed for the bus ride
- release the students safely when they arrive at the USG campus 
- assemble each student on return 
- stay 5 min with the students before the pickup by their parents

The bus service will be provided for the needy students in Howard/Baltimore area for free. For those parents working in Rockville, we strongly recommend self-rides. To ensure the service quality and safety, we have to state the following violations:

  1. lateness over 5 min (either from bus stop or campsite)
  2. absence without notification to the driver or Dr. Li (
  3. disobedience to the driver's command
  4. eating/drinking/trashing on the seat
  5. disruption during motion of the vehicle
  6. walking during motion of the vehicle

We will trust the driver to report any incident listed above. The parent will receive a citation and have to pay a fine of $5, as a reminder, for each violation. I hope to receive $0 fine. Let's help them become more responsible, enjoy ride to the camp, and learn more this summer.


Dr. Li

PS: I only work with quality drivers. Send me email if you have anything to say about their services. I will get it fixed right away.