Sandral Baigal / Roberto Clemente MS ⮞ RM/IB

Math:    49
Reading:     50
Reasoning:    50
Writing:    4
As of now, I have been accepted into the International Baccalaureate program and Richard Montgomery High School, and the SMCS program at Poolesville High School. My experience prior to my success was filled with hard work, extreme time management, and steady learning at Dr. Li.

To get in to the programs, I knew that I was going to have to work hard learn new skills in order to be prepared for the CogAT exam. My Saturdays were filled with Dr. Li's lessons on math and writing, and even after I worked to finish packets that were given to me. The questions on the multiple packets were not easy, and it took time in order to fully grasp and utilize the lessons.

Along with the multiple packets, I had to learn quickly about time management. With each packet containing about 100 questions each, I had to learn how to use my time efficiently so I wouldn't work on it for hours. Although the content was not the most interesting, I knew they were important material I needed to learn for CogAT.

Dr.Li's teaching helped me a lot throughout the summer and school year lessons. His methods of teaching are very efficient and he gives us a different perspective on how to look at a problem. His class always had a great energy and helped encourage me to learn more. Devoted studying with Dr Li, and great mental pushes before the CogAT were able to help me succeed and further my academic career.