Samuel M (Stone Mill → Takoma Park)

Dear Dr. Li, I rightfully believe that your outstanding program contributed greatly to my success in being accepted to both magnet programs, Eastern MS and Takoma Park MS.
One reason why I believe that your program was key in my acceptance into these two magnet schools is because your program taught me many things that I would not have learned until years later- things the programs didn’t expect me to know. For example, Dr. Thompson taught me many words, such as “atomizer: an apparatus for reducing a liquid to a fine spray, as for disinfection and inhalation,” and, “potentate: a person having great power; a monarch.” Also you taught me many different RAVEN test strategies; like look for patterns in the columns, rows, or diagonals to determine the missing figure. In math, you taught me many different things about exponents, such as

2400 = 4200

and how to find the value of numbers that have exponents with their exponents. Mrs. Anderson taught me about quick and accurate thinking in essay writing, which helped me significantly on the magnet test.

Second of all, you showed me that hard work will always pay off. You proved this partly by giving me access to E-drills for practice. If I hadn’t worked hard on all the E-drills that I did, I surely wouldn’t have gotten into the magnet programs. The packets were also an excellent example of how you let me work hard. They were always above my level and a great challenge! Additionally, you gave me preparation tests that were very similar to the actual GT test and were great preparations.

Finally, you gave me even more determination, motivation, and confidence to get into the Takoma Park GT program than I had before I enrolled into your program. Not only did your program interested me, it inspired me to do my best for everything! If it weren’t for you, I would have been better off not applying for the magnet programs. You and your fellow teachers easily turned me, an ordinary schoolboy, into someone who is wanted by both GT programs. I sincerely thank you!