Sadhana D (Parkland → RM/IB)

Accepted Into:

Richard Montgomery

Poolesville SMCS

Poolesville Humanities

Poolesville Global Ecology

Wheaton Biomedical

Wheaton Engineering

Experience with Dr. Li’s Magnet Prep Program:

The Dr. Li magnet prep program was a thrilling experience. The teachers were great and many new concepts were touched on. Topics that we learned about at school were taught in depth and applied to real world problems. Dr. Li was a challenging yet fun learning experience. On the very first class, we were given a paper that helped us prioritize our options and really question ourselves as to why we were coming here and the benefits of this program. Throughout the course of the program, Dr. Li made math so much more interesting by making it relatable and proving to us why the concepts worked how they did. Drills were timed, which gave us good practice in budgeting our time which was essential on the real test. In English, we were required to write essays every week. The feedback given on these essays were very meaningful and definitely helped me improve my writing. The packets that were provided to us helped a lot and they were complex. Looking through the packets you can tell they were made with dedication and were intended to help us succeed. Dr. Li also helped me look at problems from a different angle. Dr. Li explained to us that there were two ways to do problems: the complex way that may not be as accurate, and the faster way that is beneficial most the time. By the end of Dr. Li program, I was able to gain the knowledge needed in order to complete problems the fastest way possible. Dr. Li provides us with three practice tests at the end of the program. These exams were very crucial. I was able to see a huge difference in my score from the first test that was taken at the beginning of Dr. Li, to the final test taken at the end of the program. Dr. Li has helped me improve academically. I learned so many new things and my grades in my classes improved as well. Also, I was able discover new things about myself and my learning abilities. All in all, this was a great program and I will never regret coming here!