Prep for Magnet/Private HS - The Crossroad to Pre-college


Campsite:  10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850

Objective:  Keeping the best options open

  • Math and Reading (MAP test)
  • Verbal,  Quantitative, Reading, Writing (SSAT)

Test dates:

  • MAP: Sep-Oct
  • SSAT: Oct 14, Nov 11, or Dec 9

Admission criteria:

  • MCPS maganet programs: Application essay and MAP-M 285+/MAP-R 265+ (may vary over the time)
  • Exclusive private high schools (SSAT 2250+)

Once in a lifetime, you have to give priority to this life changer.

In this summer, we will

  • review all the important concepts
  • relearn the most critical lessons
  • scrutinize the most common mistakes
  • reconsolidate the foundations for further advancement

❶    7/3 - 7/14 (9 days)
❷    7/17 - 7/28 (10 days)
❸    7/31 - 8/11 (10 days)

Without repetition, each session uses unique materials/curriculum, in consistent design, ascending in levels.
Each session lasts 2 weeks.
A mindful student should take 2 sessions (4 wks) or more to receive noticeable results.

This prep will WELL cover their needs on MAP tests.

This prep will build the foundation for SAT, beyond the MCPS magnet selection.

This prep will change their attitude toward academic excellence.

The materials included.

Why are we so successful in GT8 Prep?
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