Our MAP Stars

Being specialized in MAP prep, we have helped numerous students in their academic achievements.

Here a list of high achievers among our students in a recent evaluation:

Year 2023-24 Sept Test

MAP-M: 280 S. G.  Kingsview Gr6 (from 252)
MAP-M: 278 M. C.  Robert Frost Gr8
MAP-M: 276 A. C.  Robert Frost Gr8
MAP-M: 277 H. A.  Cabin John Gr8
MAP-M: 271 G. W.  Cabin John Gr6 (from 254)
MAP-M: 270 O. C. Takoma Park Gr6
MAP-M: 269 M. L. Julius West Gr8 (from 252)
MAP-M: 262 M. Z.  Kingsview Gr6 (from 237)
MAP-M: 267 R. L. Takoma Park Gr6
MAP-M: 259 M. W. Cabin John Gr7
MAP-M: 267 E. L. Julius West Gr8
MAP-M: 265 A. C. Julius West Gr8 (10 points up)
MAP-M: 262 Y. C.  Robert Frost Gr7
MAP-M: 257 W. D. Roberto Clemente G7

Year 2022 - 2023 (May Test)

MAP-M: 265  D. C. Lakewood ES Gr3 (from 250)
 MAP-M: 248  W. Y. Potomac ES Gr3 (from 227)

 MAP-M: 260  K. W. Fallsmead Gr4 (from 236 to 250 then 260)

MAP-M: 275  E. J. Wayside  Gr5
MAP-M: 266  C. W. Wayside  Gr5
MAP-M: 262  A. C. Fallsmead Gr5 (Alg 1 next year)
MAP-M: 253  R. C. Fallsmead Gr5 (Alg 1 next year)
MAP-M: 259  R. Z. Covenant School Gr5
MAP-M: 258  A. H. Matsunaga  Gr5
 MAP-M: 257  J. Y. Wayside  Gr5
MAP-M: 251  E. Z. Travilah ES Gr5
 MAP-M: 245  Z. Z. Seven Locks Gr5

MAP-M: 270  S. C. Cabin John Gr6
MAP-M: 269  R. Z. Eastern MS Gr6
 MAP-M: 267  B. Y. Cabin John Gr6
 MAP-M: 259  M. W. Cabin John Gr6

 MAP-M: 287  A. N. Cabin John Gr7 (from 275)
 MAP-M: 274  I. B. Robert Frost Gr7
 MAP-M: 269  E. L. Julia West Gr7
 MAP-M: 269  G. C. Robert Frost Gr7
 MAP-M: 268  M. Z. Cabin John Gr7
 MAP-M: 265  H. A. Cabin John Gr7

Instead of hard work, they applied the smart ways learnt from the lessons. 

Why should you care about MAP, even though not accounted for GPA?

The MAP assessment is a widely used computerized adaptive test designed to measure a student's academic growth and performance in various subjects, including mathematics, reading, and language usage. It is commonly used in schools across the United States and some other countries. The MAP test is unique because it adapts to each student's ability level. It begins with questions of moderate difficulty, and based on the student's responses, the test adjusts the difficulty level of subsequent questions. This adaptive nature allows for a more accurate measurement of a student's knowledge and skills, regardless of their grade level. The results of the MAP assessment provide educators with valuable data to assess students' strengths and weaknesses, track their progress over time, and make informed instructional decisions. It can help identify areas where students may need additional support or enrichment.

What critical roles does MAP play from G3 to G8?

MAP scores will serve the criteria for admissions/selections when you are entering a new school, for instance,

- To take alg1 at 6th grade

- To take geometry at 7th grade

- To get into a magnet school/program at 9th grade